1. No Permission

New Track "No Permission" introducing Chaz Mack. DOWNLOAD. SHARE. ENJOY.



Still breaking down O's for the low feel/ Need a 100 at the door, or its no deal/ Beat the case good to go, in your face wit the flow, back strong killing' niggas man its so real/ from the 315 where they hold steel/ he be talkin' like a man but he a hoe still/ come and get it if you want it, scribble written when I'm blunted, If you go against the team you'll probably need another 100 god damn/ my time catch a verse if you want/ might arrive in a herse in the front/ worse or worse, ima stunt/ i grind like the first of the month/ my god see the curve from the front/ only heard from me once/ had to keep it OG/ how you hating on the game from the nosebleeds?/ know I came up in it repine, from the day i put a step in, you could hate but keep it real about the flow please, oh please/ youngin tryna work the night shift/ got my city and my team thats a light lift/ kobe 7's cargos and a tight spliff/ its 4:04 do you know where your wife is/ get low, the shits official, the kid could spit flows on instrumentals/ only open up for opportunities, the fakes, and the phonies, and the hoes, i kick the sh*t closed like BLAOOWW!!!